At Peugeotech, we specialise in services for Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Renault’s, as well as other European brands and other models of cars without voiding your Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Peugeot and any other car dealerships, cannot declare a warranty void if the buyer has the vehicle serviced by Peugotech.


Our qualified mechanics specialise in maintaining manufacturer standards on all vehicle makes and models. We are extremely competitive and when compared to dealerships the saving on your logbook service could be considerable.

Peugotech service all vehicle makes and models and we have specialist diagnostic equipment from all makes and models. Our technicians will always complete all aspects of your service to maintaining manufacturer standards. You can be certain that Peugotech will protect your vehicle’s warranty.






safety inspections


At Peugotech, we service Peugeots and all other brands and models of cars without voiding your Manufacturer’s Warranty. Specialist Peugeot dealers and other motor dealerships cannot declare a warranty void if the buyer has the vehicle serviced by Peugotech. Our qualified professional mechanics specialise in maintaining manufacturer standards on all vehicle makes and models.

When it comes to Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat’s and French cars, we have serviced thousands of new vehicles and we have the specialist diagnostic and computer equipment that is required when servicing todays modern cars. We are extremely competitive and when compared to dealerships, the saving on your logbook service could be considerable.


One of the best and cheapest ways to increase the power of your car, is to ensure your engine is running efficiently by making sure the exhaust is effective. With your engine breathing at the correct rate, fuel is not wasted and your car will run better, which means lower running costs and no wasted fuel. If you need an auto exhaust repair, you can make your car engine more efficient with an exhaust service at Peugeotech.

From the manifold to the exhaust tip, here at Peugeotech we are able to cater for whatever auto exhaust repair is required. Whether it’s repairs, replacement or the fitment of a complete custom exhaust, at Peugeotech, you’ll be well looked after.


Whether you have a new car or an older model vehicle, our full-service air conditioning repair service can help keep you cool, even in the hottest summer months.

Peugeotech has invested in new state of the art air conditioning equipment, which can service any car. The Conforc 780 Bi Gas machine, is one of a handful in Brisbane and is able to service new vehicles from 2018 which use 1234YF Gas. This specialist equipment is designed to deliver gas to any vehicle including hybrid’s and electric vehicles.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t cooling, Peugeotech can help. If your AC doesn’t keep you as cool as it used to, your system needs to be serviced. It may be experiencing low pressure and we can easily top up your coolant.

If your air conditioning system is not working at all, there could be more serious issues, you could have loose belts or leaks in the basic parts of your AC system. At Peugeotech, we recommend getting your air conditioner serviced every 12 months. This is due to the fact that most systems will slowly lose gas through hoses, O-rings or seals. Moisture can also be absorbed through hoses resulting in gas loss or filters can become blocked with debris. An air conditioning service involves connecting service gauges and running the air conditioning to check pressure and its system performance.


Whether you have a problem with the ignition key to the starter motor, we can analyse any electrical problems on your car and address them to your complete satisfaction.

If car doesn’t start, has an engine miss-fire or you have an ignition system problem, we can help. We can replace the distributor, ignition coil, coil pack, DFI module, ignition module, ignition lead, battery, crank angle sensor or even a set of spark plugs, if that is what your car needs.
At Peugeotech, we can test and evaluate the performance of your battery, check your alternator, starter motor functions, and ensure the drive belts and pulleys are aligned correctly.

If you’re having issues starting your car then you might need someone to take a look at the alternator. We perform alternator repairs and alternator replacements. We’ll test your alternator charging rate, test your battery, check your starter motor and starting system, check and adjust the drive belt, inspect pulleys and the tensioner condition.

We’ll also test and replace your starter motor if needed. We check the ring gear/flex plate – check the alternator and charging system, check and adjust the drive belt and pulleys and test the battery. Again, our fully qualified mechanics will use only quality parts and quality brands.


We repair and service all types of vehicles and our friendly and experienced technicians are on hand to give advice and assistance wherever required.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a family car,  a performance car,  a 4WD or a SUV; we can supply tyres for any car. We also conduct wheel balances and wheel alignments so that that your car will drive smoothly and safely without damaging your tyres.

If you’ve got a flat tyre, the first thing you want to do is get back on the road. You may think you need a brand-new tyre – but maybe you don’t!  With tyre services from Peugeotech, you might find that our skilled technicians can easily repair it. – In most cases, punctures in the tread area are repairable, which will save you a heap of money.


One of the most important services we provide is the vehicle safety check, this is not just a requirement when you buy or sell a car, if your car is not safe it can affect your insurance not to mention endanger other road users and passengers.

A comprehensive vehicle inspection will reveal any potential serious or costly faults in your vehicle. These are things that a basic Safety Certificate inspection won’t identify.

Peugeotech can carry out a range of vehicle inspections. Our qualified professionals will find and assess flaws and let you know what sort of repairs you may need.