Our workshop is equipped to diagnose and repair electronic problems with your car

Whether you have a problem with your ignition key to the starter motor, we can analyse any electrical problems on your car and address them to your complete satisfaction. 

If car doesn’t start, has an engine miss-fire or you have an ignition system problem, we can help. We can replace the distributor, ignition coil, coil pack, DFI module, ignition module, ignition lead, battery, crank angle sensor or even a set of spark plugs, if that is what your car needs. 
At Peugeotech we can test and evaluate the performance of your battery, check your alternator, starter motor functions, and ensure the drive belts and pulleys are aligned correctly.

If you’re having issues starting your car then you might need someone to take a look at the Alternator. We perform Alternator repair and alternator replacement. We’ll test your Alternator charging rate, test your battery, check your starter motor and starting system, check and adjust the drive belt, inspect pulleys and the tensioner condition.

We’ll also test and replace your Starter Motor if needed, Check the Ring Gear/Flex Plate – Check the Alternator and Charging System, Check and Adjust the Drive Belt and Pulleys and Test the Battery. Again, our Fully Qualified Mechanics will use Only Quality Parts and Quality Brands.

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